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Welcome to gamemakers

Tired of online games the size of a postage stamp? We at gamemakers
create games that will bring you back the fun of arcade gaming.

StarCab - mini screen StarCab
Explore the beauty of the galaxy by flying your own space taxi. If only the hydrazine wasn't that explosive...

StarCab deluxe - logo StarCab deluxe
Test our downloadable deluxe version of StarCab. It comes with 14 new levels and a storyline.
BoulderGame - mini screen BoulderGame
Grab the diamonds and leave the shaft. Will you be the first to solve all 20 levels?
BomberGame - mini screen BomberGame
Explosions left and right. They're out to get you. And there only is one way to survive.
GoneBallistic - mini screen GoneBallistic
Blast your friends and devastate those beautiful landscapes. A classic way of having fun.

HalmaGame - mini screen HalmaGame
The rules of halma are simple. And the autoplayer will teach you: this is more than a children's game.
ReflexTester - mini screen ReflexTester
Ever wanted to know what your reaction time really is? Here you can find out.